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In Which My Mother is Totally Right, As Usual
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I was having a conversation with my mom in late April, discussing everything I had coming up in the next month.

"May is going to eat your lunch," she said. "But you know that, so you can get through it."

Which is how I come to be here, just in time to get one blog entry for the month of May, typing on a borrowed laptop* from my new apartment in Manhattan. A month that included a long-planned visit from Jac, Meesh, and Yoda in celebration of our 30th birthdays, several big work events and/or crises (including the turning off of our A/C for construction purposes the week the temperature nearly hit 100, and only just barely rescuing the servers before they overheated, a ton of birthdays, and loads of events I couldn't get to because they haven't perfected cloning yet, including my godsister's wedding in Oklahoma yesterday. Oh, and an ongoing email discussion about handling this.

Consider my lunch duly eaten, May.

The new apartment is great, so far. Much smaller (had to get rid of my beloved oversized purple sofa), but more recently renovated, and with a surprising amount of storage space. Having been officially in residence for a week, I can also say that walking to work is fantastic (though check back when it gets cold and see if I've amended that statement). It's almost disorienting, to live in a neighborhood where there are so many shops and restaurants right on the corner not several blocks or a subway ride away.

I was never one of those people who moved out to Brooklyn as a temporary thing, until they had enough money/luck to get a Manhattan apartment. I love Brooklyn. I loved living there, even the odd little corners I settled in over the last six (!) years. By far the hardest part of this move was relinquishing the "Brooklyn girl" label I'd claimed for myself. (I'm trying not to think of myself as an Uptown girl, now, because I just get Billy Joel stuck in my head.)

Good-bye, May. Good-bye, Brooklyn. Hello, summer. Can we maybe take it slow for a while?

*The Boyfriend has loaned me his spare laptop and wireless connect card since I won't have my broadband hooked up until next weekend. Dating a computer guy has its advantages. Also now I really want a laptop.

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