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By education and experience - Accountant with a specialty in taxation. Formerly a CPA (license has lapsed). Masters degree in law of taxation from University of Denver. Now retired. Part time work during baseball season as receptionist & switchboard operator for the Colorado Rockies. This gig feeds my soul in ways I have trouble articulating. One daughter, and four grandchildren. I share the house with two cats; a big goof of a cat called Grinch (named as a joke for his easy going "whatever" disposition); and Lady, a shelter adoptee with a regal bearing and sweet little soprano voice. I would be very bereft if it ever becomes necessary to keep house without a cat.
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For Lauradog

I think Sue was the responder who didn't understand the question "sock, sock, shoe, shoe" or "sock, shoe, sock, shoe"

When you get dressed in the morning, what's the sequence when it comes to shoes and socks?

For some reason the last few days, I've been remembering the old TV show "All in the Family" I don't remember which one was on which side, but Archie challenged Mike with some vehemence about the way he put his shoes on.

I imagine that Mike was "sock, sock, shoe, shoe" and Archie the other way. but I do remember the dumbstruck look on Rob Reiner's face as he stared at Archie in amazement.

If there's anything of comparable quality on TV nowadays, I'm not aware of it.

I do remember before I saw the show back in the 70's listening to some friend describe the gist of the situation and thinking that it would never be successful. what did I know?

I never watched any of the Newhart show set in the Vermont inn. I need to fish them out of the DVD rental store (if they're available) and watch. I loved the earlier Newhart outing with Suzanne Pleshette and Bill Daily.

Just musing at the keyboard tonight.

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