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By education and experience - Accountant with a specialty in taxation. Formerly a CPA (license has lapsed). Masters degree in law of taxation from University of Denver. Now retired. Part time work during baseball season as receptionist & switchboard operator for the Colorado Rockies. This gig feeds my soul in ways I have trouble articulating. One daughter, and four grandchildren. I share the house with two cats; a big goof of a cat called Grinch (named as a joke for his easy going "whatever" disposition); and Lady, a shelter adoptee with a regal bearing and sweet little soprano voice. I would be very bereft if it ever becomes necessary to keep house without a cat.
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But that's not the word I want. An anachronism is a clock striking in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. What I'm thinking about is watching a movie in which there are so many "old fashioned" things that I'm temporarily "taken out" of the story.

My satellite dish picks up the Sundance Channel, which late last year had one good movie after another. I recorded a lot of them, and little by little am watching them. BULLITT starring Steve McQueen has one of the best car chases ever filmed and edited for the screen, long before the days of CGI and computer enhancements. It's as enjoyable now as it was when I first saw it back in the late 1960's.

But - no cell phones. People stop over and over again to step up to a phone booth. A cabbie counts coins deposited and is able to tell a cop "He made a long distance call." Photographs are transmitted over phone lines, but the machine is a real dinosaur - with a contraption sitting on the top which holds the phone receiver; and a spinning real of special paper which line by slowly scanning line prints the photograph.

Nurses in all the hospital scenes wear white uniforms and starched white caps. Skirts are short, no woman appears in pants.

But in tribute to the tense suspense of the story; the rising tension between an ambitious politician and a stubborn cop who sees the whole picture and refuses to be dissuaded from an honest investigation; and the heart wrenching divide between the cop and the beautiful woman who loves him - it's a movie to be seen again and again. If you don't have it on your Netflix queue, look it up.

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