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Today in the Diary of Samuel Pepys



Emily Marie Dyer Fricia

6 Sep 1953~21 Feb 2014

You are Loved and Missed!

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"When a person breaks in, unannounced, upon the morning hours of an artist, and finds him not in full dress, the intruder, and not the surprised artist, is doubtless at fault."

~ Sophia Peabody Hawthorne ~

"Man's finest workmanship, the closer you observe it, the more imperfections it shows; as in a piece of polished steel a microscope will discover a rough surface. Whereas, what may look coarse and rough in Nature's workmanship will show an infinitely minute perfection, the closer you look into it.

"The reason of the minute superiority of Nature's work over man's is, that the former works from the innermost germ, while the latter works merely superficially."

~ Nathaniel Hawthorne in Hawthorne's Lost Notebook October 7th, 1837 ~

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