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Okay. Mea culpa! I know I haven’t posted in a long while. I’m straggling behind on a lot of to-dos at the moment, but I kinda/sorta have a good excuse.

A while back I mentioned that Brian sold my first book. Well, since then he’s sold more, and even found a gift shop in Mission Viejo that wants to carry it. I swear to you, people are paying in ADVANCE. The pressure has mounted to produce a saleable version.

I need to add a tiny clarification. I actually was kinda/sorta published in 1998. It was a freelance job to write the copy for Local Color, Laguna Beach, a coffee table type book. It was a beautiful project and the publisher surprised me with a byline. It was a most unusual and generous gesture. Local Color didn’t reach the NY Times bestseller list, but has probably sold 15,000+ copies. It’s still listed on Amazon. I was Irene Bean then.

Anyway, about three years ago I compiled a cookbook for my children. I’m reputed to be a good cook – my hips are proof of that. I swear to you, I will never ever do a cookbook again. It’s too damn hard with too many possibilities for typos, which are disastrous in recipes. Cookbooks are silly labor intensive.

I pack Brian’s lunch everyday, and on occasion he shares portions with his customers. Well, that’s how it all started. His customers liked what they tasted, and Brian, bless his heart, blabbed about my cookbook. Requests started to flood in. Hmmm, that’s an embellishment.

Okay. So I decided to polish it up a bit, add more recipes and to have it professionally printed by one of those fundraising cookbook companies.

The name of my cookbook is “A Reason to Season” – chosen to honor my children. It’s fun and funky and jammed with yummy recipes. But don’t be looking for it on the NY Times bestseller list either.

Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve added Netta’s stew recipe, which she posted a while back. If anyone else would like to have a recipe in my book, bring it on. I’ll even give you a byline and I'll mail you a copy(*smiles*). But it has to have a “G” rating – no “Fucking Fine Fritters” or “Bernie’s Hairy Meatballs” or “Sensuous Bananas.” Okay, you get my drift.

Have to dash. Tomorrow is Fallbrook’s Avocado Festival and we are expecting a houseful of guests and lots of fun. Gotta go cook!

Love, peace and granola, Reenie

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