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An Ode to JS

Okay. Like it’s not as though I don’t have a zillion things to do. I haven’t even packed. And yeah, I know what you all are mumbling about at this point – yup, I bet you all are pining for that quiet Reenie of recent months. Too bad. You’re gonna love this.

I just returned from my Acura dealership regarding a recall issue with my car. As I was checking in, a smiley thought lodged in my brain. There I was all decked out in JS attire. I was wearing a Keith Snyder T-shirt advertising his new film, wearing a lovely ankle bracelet crafted by Netta, and tapping my fingers on JD’s book, which I had placed on the service manager’s counter. Suddenly I noticed the woman beside me eyeballing the book.

She inquired, “Is it good?”
“Nope,” I replied, “it’s great!”

Get this, she wrote down the info required to look up “Blue” on the Internet and plans to buy it.

Giddy with my newfound promotional skills, I gave an impromptu overview of Keith’s new film, “I love you, I’m sorry, and I’ll never do it again.” After that spiel I was about to hoist my leg to the counter to show her Netta’s ankle bracelet, but alas, the service manager required some information from me.

I had been on such a roll, I was sorry I hadn’t lugged along my six volumes of Eric & Mary’s Byzantine series, a copy of Joe Konrath’s “Rusty Nail,” or pitched Mark Terry’s about-to-be-released “Devil’s Pitchfork.”

As I was quickly escorted to the waiting area I hollered over my shoulder, “By the way, Stacy Taylor did the cover for “Blue” and does websites and photography and writes and collaborates two ezines with Laurie O’Hare – they’re called HeavyGlow and Chick Flicks. And if you ever get to Kentucky there’s a nifty woman ya gotta meet – just ask for Kymo – oh, and there’s Dfaz and Wanaki and Hazel and Rando and LO and Mickie and Outtamyhead and Harmonium and Smartiplants and Mr. Cloudy and Maggie… Oh, and if you need a gift basket I have the inside scoop that Lisa will soon be offering them…”

I left this woman frantically trying to get this all down. (Okay, so that’s not true.)

When I got settled in the waiting room and got the coffee mocha I really really did not need, I gratefully sighed with the realization that JS has graced my life with many talented and fine friends. Thank you talented and fine friends, and all my loyal readers. Oh, and thank you Kenny. xoxo

P.S. Forgive any oversights – I’ll add unintentional omissions.

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