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Cleaning Jason
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Sorry I haven't been more frequent with the journal entries lately, but there really hasn't been anything exciting to write about. It's strange being back at work full time again, after two months of Clarion and vacation. There's no writing news; I've been spending most of my evenings online downloading the latest forms for graduate school and finding out about the GRE.

Some cool news: my buddy Rain Graves is the featured poet this month at Dark Fluidity. There's a review of her new co-collection The Gossamer Eye (shared with fellow half-Greek Mark McLaughlin and fellow North Carolinian David Niall Wilson), an interview, some great poetry, and a story called "Cleaning Jason" (which was written especially for me since I helped her out with a little financial snarl, though the story has nothing to do with me, it just uses my name, which is really cool). Check out the website and then buy TGE; you'll thank me.

Janet is coming back to town on Monday evening by bus from Massachussetts. She's been staying with fellow 2002 Clarionite Jamie Blackman for this past week in New York, and they (Janet, Jamie, and Jamie's wife Maj) rode out to Cape Cod yesterday, where Jamie's grandmother lives. I'm really excited and so glad she'll be able to spend another couple of weeks with me before she leaves for Singapore. Her birthday is on August 24th, and I'm going to take her someplace special.

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