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Loving 2011: Inspiration
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A partial list:

  • Lori-Lyn, spreading love and prompting reflection with questions such as "What inspired you this year?"

  • Amelia, writing and singing on. I've played Morning Song dozens upon dozens of times since hearing her and Jon Byrd perform it in Atlanta this spring.

  • Dawn Rae and the other friends and acquaintances whose poems have prompted some of mine.

  • The people at my church and at the Fluent Self who show me healthy ways to communicate, to lead, and to frame/own/manage one's stuff. The ones who quietly do the things that need doing. The ones whose inexplicable faith in and fondness for me provide a sense of safety and support -- and, in doing so, encourage me to strive toward that same generosity of spirit toward others. (I'm not claiming that I manage it. I'm merely lifting up the fact that I don't lack for good role models.)

  • My friends and acquaintances who are skilled at their arts and crafts: cloaks and mitts and earrings and the best scones ever and shawls and gardens and the list goes on and on.

  • My friends who are ministers, rabbis, nurses, teachers, coaches, parents, and the many other kinds of caregivers and teachers to all ages.

  • My friends who are creating opportunities for the work they want to circulate and preserve. (And whose successes are both cause for celebration and prods/prompts that push me toward working more diligently at my own manuscripts.)

  • The silver lining to being a jill of many trades and mistress of none is having experienced firsthand how many hours go into the making or performing of things at the level of a rank beginner -- and thus being aware of the many more hundreds of hours that are invested in the making and performing of things that are worth keeping and remembering. I loved the Viggo Mortensen profile by Zoe Heller that appeared in last Sunday's NYT, because he articulates so well how I feel: "Every time I see something beautiful, I not only want to return to it, but it makes me want to see other beautiful things."

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