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Cat Gunk and Green Fire
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Reading: New Yorker back issues
Music: Todd Rundgren's "Wizard/A True Star", Utopia's "Adventures in Utopia", Lou Reed Anthology, and misc. Celtic
TV/Movie: South Park: The Movie
Link o' the Day: "Green Fire"

We took Nemo to the vet a week before his scheduled appointment as Pretty Maggie and I were pretty concerned about the gunk that's been gathering around his eyes for the past month. The day we picked Nemo out at the pound, all the cats were going through a bout of upper respiratory infection. This, apparently, isn't uncommon for cats. His initital vet visit resulted in some antibiotics, but the eye-gunk grew worse and worse. Now we have some ointment and some peace of mind. Most of my cats in the past were taken in right off the street and never had these sorts of problems, so I was natureally concerned.

Nothing to be worried about. He'll be a gross looking kitty for a while, but he'll live.

* * *
Spent two hours tonight on the Baby Snooks book just trying to hammer the scripts into some semlance of consistency. I hate working with scripts. Everyone seems to have slightly different ideas as to how they should look. Frustrating, it is.

But it moves along well. No worries there.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I should get a lot of work done this weekend--at least I hope so. I have more than a fair amount to catch up on. Time to make up some To-Do checklists. Good thing I've picked up some new music for the weekend to listen to.

* * *
And _so_ many good movies to see! Yes, I'll have to see Finding Nemo at some point, but there're also League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Hulk, and A Mighty Wind. I caught a glimpse of something coming up starring Bill Murphy as a westerner lost in Japan called Lost in Translation--looks very promising. (I also have a soft spot for these sorts of stories.)

* * *
Today's link is a good one!

Before Ellen Datlow went to, she was the editor of the (now-defunct) webzine, Event Horizon. One of its regular features was something called "Superstrings" in which several authors would write a story round-robin style. One of the best is "Green Fire" by Eileen Gunn, Andy Duncan, Pat Murphy, and Michael Swanwick.

Now imagine a story Isaac Asimov, Sprague deCamp, Robert Heinlein, and (Admiral) Grace Hopper meeting in the Navy during WWII for a secret project involving Tesla technology.

Curious yet? Good. Now go check it out!


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