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June 2004
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08: I FINALLY Crawled out from under my rock! (6 comments)
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09: FREE *BRUTAL* PROMOTIONAL PLACES for you! (2 comments)
10: New Release (0 comments)
10: IN THE BACK OF THE CLOSET Antho (0 comments)
10: ANNOUNCEMENT: CONTEST (0 comments)
15: Brutal Dream is Bizarre (1 comments)
15: Updated the DEAD e-anthology guidelines (3 comments)
15: What kind of RAW DOG are you? (0 comments)
16: If you SUBMITTED to the DEAD contest... (3 comments)
18: CHECK THIS OUT! (0 comments)
19: Ever wonder what EOTU stands for? (3 comments)
29: I *never* WIN anything --but............. (5 comments)

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* Brutal Dreamer Bio*

Brutal Dreamer [a.k.a. Peggy Jo Shumate] is married to David and has two children: Isaac Wade and Lizzy Marie and their loveable cat, Shackie Taques. Brutal Dreamer is a Movie Reviewer for DVD Empire, Reviewer/Promotions for Massacre Publications, Publicity Manager for RAW DOG SCREAMING. Brutal Dreamer is a Terror Tale Scribe (Scribette) and is a 2000 Graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. (A guilty little pleasure of hers that is more horrifying than her horrific works of fiction! *shudder* She likes to write and read children’s stories!) She is the former Editor, Reviewer, and Promotion Manager of other magazines and publishing presses. Brutal Dreamer was Paul Kane's March 2002 Shadow-Writer and has over 100 published works in both electronic and print, including EOTU: Fiction, Art, and Poetry,The House of Pain, SDO Fantasy, Decompositions, THE DREAM PEOPLE, Rainfall Press, Southern Rose Productions, Terror Tales, Steel Caves, The Swamp, etc. Her work will be featured in over a dozen Anthologies between 2003-2004.

You can visit Brutal Dreamer at her Official Websites:
e-mail Brutal at:

e-mail Lizzy at: lizzy@brutaldreamer.org
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