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If only good things could go on forever

This site at JournalScape is closing down as of November 1, 2016.

I have transferred all my JS entries over to a new site at WordPress and my blog can be found there, also called

Thoughts From Crow Cottage (at WordPress)

If you were signed up to be notified by email to follow my blog, you can do that from that new site. Find the "FOLLOW" button and you're there.

Comments, of course, are welcomed.

As far as my older entries... yes they were "imported" to my new blog site, but the set-up doesn't come through the same as it did here... so if I want them all to look nicer, I will need to go in and edit each and every one of my blog entries for the years 2009 thru the present. That is a big job. I may or may not be up to it, but I will give it a try.

After November 1st, this blog will be gone. It's been great being at JournalScape. If only good things could go on forever...



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