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The Last Entry - Finis!

Just in case any of my faithful readers didn't know this already, this is the end of JournalScape. November 1st, the owner, Kenny W., will send this site off into outer space somewhere... all gone.

My new (and also all the older entries) blog is at WordPress now. Here:

I don't seem to ever have any comments over there. Just a couple or three since I've been doing it. However, I attribute that to the content I've been posting there, mainly political diatribes that most people are good and sick of these days. I know I am. And yet I can't help myself when I find a good article - I just want to share it!

But that will stop soon. Soon I will go back to doing a regular old Crow Cottage blog, with photos of the girl-dog and the husband and the house and the garden, and all that jazz. It's just that I've written about these things for so many years now, I find it's hard to think of new topics...

So this is it. My final entry from JournalScape. There are two days left. If you wait and don't read this til after November 1st, you'll be out of luck. And if that happens, you won't have gotten this far in the entry either... it will be gone.

So, Buh-bye my dear old blog! It's bee fun and a lovely place to be. I will miss it here, all the good memories and the thoughts from all of you, as well.


Cheers one last time,

Bex & Co.

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