The frightening consequences of electroshock therapy

I'm a middle aged government attorney living in a rural section of the northeast U.S. I'm unmarried and come from a very large family. When not preoccupied with family and my job, I read enormous amounts, toy with evolutionary theory, and scratch various parts on my body.

This journal is filled with an enormous number of half-truths and outright lies, including this sentence.

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The white is here.

Light dusting of snow on the ground this morning. It will probably melt as soon as the sun gets a little higher in the sky. It seems like the best of the fall season went so very fast this time. Just that one beautiful weekend when the hills were bright and red, with the clear blue sky and the green pastures. A few days later we had 40 to 60 mile an hour winds and more than half the leaves blew off the trees. Now it's time to bring out the overcoat, to brace for that shock as I step out the door, to take the scraper from the trunk so I can clean off the car, and then drive slowly down the hill. There are still a few warmer days to come, but more often over the next five months this mornings routine will be the norm. The scraper will be in the back seat now.

My date went well last night and we will probably repeat. She is a California girl and isn't too fond of our weather, so I think I might be channeling her this morning. Ordinarily the snow makes me happy.

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