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August 2016
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10: history lessons (0 comments)
31: the dream I have the night before my daughter starts high school (0 comments)

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People you'll meet in this blog:

Debby: That's me. I'm in my 40's, live in Seattle, within a twenty minute radius of my mother, father, sister, and friends who are family. I used to be a community college writing instructor. Now, I'm 90% at home parent and 10% writer, editor, tutor.

John: my partner, a fabulous cook. You could find out what we had for dinner by checking out his blog.

Rose 8/02: our daughter. Rose is shy, strong-willed, sweet, incredibly picky about food, kind of obsessive compulsive, loving, verbal, and has an excellent memory. She likes chocolate and playing on the rings. She really likes being with Miriam.

David 1/06: our son. David is easy going, likes to bang on drums and throw balls. He really likes being with Rose.

Julia: my sister. We live six blocks apart, talk on the phone five times a day, and have dinner together at least half the week.

Dan: Julia's husband. He reads the kids four bedtime books a night.

Miriam (2/02) and Ariana (5/04): my nieces. Sometimes there are tussles over who gets to carry the purse or who gets to be the mommy, but basically when the kids are together (almost daily), they disappear upstairs and play.

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