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I am a news junkie. Whether it is print, verbal or electronic, I am drawn to news just like Jack Abramoff was attracted to helping Native Americans. In addition to three or four daily news feeds that cover the industry in which I work, and the links to CNN, MSNBC and Google news (my keyboard will simply not form the letters F-O-X when reading the news), and the subscription to Salon premium (which gives me financial guilt pangs if I don't at least skim it every day), and the daily print copy of the Wall Street Journal, and the daily e-copy of the New York Times, and various trade magazines, and the occasional (ok, so more than occasional) perusing of Page Six, and one weekly news magazine called The Week to which I've become addicted, well, it all becomes a bit overwhelming. I never feel as if I can get enough of it - there might be some small tidbit I'm missing, some scrap of information that might be valuable to me someday. Or, more likely, some morsel of knowledge that will rest for scant milliseconds in my brain and then float away as my aging brain cells decide to retire prematurely.

I would be a weather addict as well, if only there wasn't so much news. Now please excuse me while I go read about the finale of 7th Heaven and learn "the greedy truth about media consultants."

Read/Post Comments (2)

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