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Today's business lexicon
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Brains-on-a-stick - consultants who are hired for their specific, in-depth knowledge of a certain technology or capability. They're generally brought on board for a relatively short period of time, during which we use the Vulcan Vacuum to suck out every shred and scrap of information, knowledge and wisdom they possess in their area of expertise. They are thrown back on the consulting compost pile an empty husk, scraped barren of any meaningful brain cells.

Stopsicle - a person whose sole basis for living is to alert others to the reasons that activities cannot be undertaken, goals cannot be met, and aspirations cannot be achieved. They have had one hand surgically replaced with a red flag.

Cockalocky - adj., generally applied to an idea or problem solution that sounds brilliant in its simplicity and clarity, but is completely ridiculous. As in - a bunch of cockroaches get together to bemoan their fate on this earth. They whine that they're squashed and poisoned and hated, despite the fact that they're numerous and have survived since time immemorial. One bright bulb points out that there are millions of rabbits on the planet as well, but they don't share in the same derision heaped on them by humans, and that therefore all the cockroaches have to do is look like rabbits. There is silence at the cockroach gathering as they ponder the utter genius of this solution to millennia of suffering. Finally, one timid voice offers that they are about a million times smaller than rabbits, don't have fur or the sad mammal eyes, and would need a complete replacement of their DNA to come close to mirroring rabbits. Thus, ideas this outlandish are called "cockalocky". (I could not find this in any online dictionary, though there are a frightening number of words in the Urban Dictionary that start with "cock". I was told this by a Texan, so take it for what it's worth.)

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