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First Degree Bloggery with Intent
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It's Elaine's fault. There, now that's out of the way.

Welcome to Andi's blog. I don't DO New Year's Resolutions but a few weeks ago said to myself, self, I said, maybe I'll try this blog thing. I have fun visiting the blogs of friends (and once I figure out how to link to them, I will do so) and I like to write and I have things to say and and and....and did I mention I'm real fond of ellipses?

So, assuming that visitors will be familiar with me, at least to start off, I'm going to keep the egocentric "all about ME" to a short paragraph or two, until I hear what people want to know. Even though blogging IS "all about ME", I hope conversations develop. Two-way intercourse. You know, "talk".

I'm here because I know a lot of people out there and I spend a lot of time in this little office in our house. I'm Andi Shechter, science fiction and mystery fan. I live in Seattle with Stu Shiffman (that's HIS Hugo on the mantle, yes). The house is also home to the usual clutter; books piled on books in front of books; fanzines, program books from conventions, heaps of stuffed animal toys (we specialize in gorillas and yes, hedgehogs), a fabulous dust menagerie (dust hippos our specialty) and did I mention books?

I live with "DHAC Syndrome", the name Dave Langford gave to my undiagnosed/apparently undiagnosable bone disease some years ago. This stands for "Doctor Hasn't A Clue". I've been unable to work for far too many years, and I'm on far too many drugs, but I'm oh so grateful that modern medicine makes it possible for me to function. I write lots of book reviews, primarily of mystery fiction but also non, and recently began reviewing of science fiction and fantasy. I've done publicity for authors, hosted on-line chats, conducted interviews and have worked on and run genre conventions. I'm currently planning the 2007 Left Coast Crime convention. I've been on DorothyL for something like 12 years, we have a web page sadly in need of massive updating surgery. I'm a fan of figure skating and the Seattle Storm, despite being pretty much unable to _walk_ well never mind do cross-overs or lay-ups. I have a Master's degree in Crminal Justice from SUNY Albany, and somewhere, in Washington, my thumbprint on a file from getting arrested at Livermore Labs.
So hi, who are you and where are you from and what brings you here and do you have any questions for me and did you happen to bring any chocolate?

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