...nothing here is promised, not one day... Lin-Manuel Miranda

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This could get SO bad SO fast. I promise you, I won't post several times a day once this gets to be all old hat and stuff, but Wheee!! This is fun. You all know there will be days when I'm the Pain Bitch from Hell (aka the Vicodin Queen of the Northwest) OR frantically trying to be Convention Gal, but right now, breather.

And to hear from youse guys, wow. All these writer people! Keith? Meet Cornelia? Keith's a new father of twin boys, Castor and Pollux or something; Cornelia's the mother of twin girls. Xena and Hera, or something.

Balance in ALL things going on here.

THe hedgehog of title btw is because it's my very favorite animal and i relate to it. Nocturnal and prickly. And cute. (hmm a bit much that last? oh, well, might as well get it over with.) And once I figure out how to post stuff up top there, I'll post the 4 line Dorothy Parker poem for reference.

And Keith - here. Would you settle for some spinach dip while we get the rest of the food out on the tables? How about a cookie?

And MOM??? Elaine's haranguing me! Again! Isn't she SWEET? (lethal AND addictive. That's just about the nicest thing anyone's said to me in AGES!) (Shut up Cornelia!)

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