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The Obligatory Figure Skating Blog Entry
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IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT SKATING, um, thanks for stopping by but this will probably NOT be really scintillating.

It's a DAMN good thing I don't make any money betting on my pet sport, figure skating. So far in the gold medal tallies, I'm zero for two. What the fuck??

I try to keep up, really I do but wasn't quite aware how bad things were with some of the skaters. Is it that the season's too crowded? Too short? Are the men, particularly trying to do too damn many quad jumps and it's hurting them long term?

Dunno. But who the hell could have come up with the finals in the men's competition this time around? I mean mother of GOD. Stephane Lambiel? Don't get me wrong, it was totally deserved. But would you have predicted he'd have it from the qualifying rounds? Whaaaa??

Okay, so I figured Evgeni had one more year. And I guess if I'd had to predict, I would have had Joubert up there somewhere. And Johnny Weir. But come ON! (and WHY does Barb Underhill refer to Plushenko as "Yevjeni" with a soft "g"? I've never heard it that way from anyone else. Ever.)

Actually, it's totally cool. Is there a better story than a 19 year old guy winning a world senior championship the first year he's at the senior level? So it wasn't quite the hottest year - they fell all over the place. They popped jumps left and right. Yeah, so? I've seen worse.

Stephane Lambiel turns 20 on April 2. Evan Lysacek turns 20 in June. Okay? The sport has a future.

The best thing so far was watching it on Canadian television so I didn't have to watch Tim Goebel (who ended up in 10th place mind you), one of my most unfavorite skaters of recent years. Since the Canadians feel no obligation to showcase Americans, we got instead to see Jeff Buttle and Emanuel Sandhu. I doubt either will be shown by ESPN, though Buttle did well enough to merit coverage. Oh, Canada. I think they've got some depth - I saw a couple of their new guys recently and there's talent there

I love the internet; on Lysacek's site there's already a photo of the podium.

My ideal result? I'd have liked to see Sandhu, Weir and Plushenko.

In pairs, again, I'm out non-existent money. Shen and Zhao withdrew. Watching this team develop over the years has been a total wow to me; I would have gladly seen a Chinese win first, second and third. Other than that, pairs skating bores me. The Russians bore me to TEARS. And I'd like there to be a BAN on eye-searing costumes. GOD, I thought we got rid of those when Fusar-Poli and Margaglio retired.

Based on my dismal predictions so far, I'm hopeful. Since I predicted Slutskaya to win gold in the Ladies, I want to be wrong. Ideally? Cohen, Arakawa and oh, I dunno, ABK (anyone but Kwan). (In case you don't know, I've never liked Michelle Kwan, and I'm so tired of her, and profiles of her, and the FUSS made over her I turn weird colors when her name comes up. I know she's skilled, she just has never touched me.)

As for dance, currently it doesn't interest me much so I don't care, as long as Tanith and Ben make the podium. And if Galit Chait dyes her hair ONE MORE TIME, I swear to GOD it's going to fall out. Give it a REST girl!

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