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Mystery website question
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So I gotta question for you mystery folks out there? This is research, darn it, so pay attention. No really, if you would, you'd be doing me a favor (and actually someone else too). I'm soliciting information of websites that post mystery reviews. Some of it is curiosity and maybe to know, further down the line, if I might want another place to write for, who the good ones are. And also to hear which ones you wouldn't recommend. This Is also in pursuit of information for an author whose book I'm publicizing, sites to contact for reviews or interviews maybe.
I currently review for several sites (see above for January, ILAM and RTE) as well as for bookreporter on occasion, but there are SO many out there. It's like, oh my god, guys, have you seen how many mystery blogs and/or BOOK blogs there are? Which is why I seem to write all over the place - so you don't get bored. Yeah, that's it. NOT that I can't focus, it's not about MEEEEE....
Anyway (sorry, it's been a tough week and I've peeved about a particular post on DL that I've decided NOT to respond to, I'm SO superior) do you have places you like to go to for reviews? Places you avoid? DO tell.

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