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Doing the Happy Hedgehog Hop
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Our friend Bill in NY wrote a few days ago saying among other things, that he hoped Seattle's weather was better as it looked "like this year the only way to hide easter eggs will be to NOT color them." (Hi, Bill!)

(What, you don't know Bill?) Go hither, directly. Hie thee to I Love A Mystery ( and check out "The Reference Shelf".)

Okay, you're back? So anyway, I poked my nose out this morning to determine just what it was like out there and happy days are ahead as I noticed


Okay, I just saw a couple but I'll take any sign I can. I know, we've been spoiled compared to our drowning friends, our snowed-in friends and family, but we live in Seattle for a reason...cuz we couldn't afford San no, in small part, though, because we avoid the extremes of climate.

Some years ago, Spring took so damn long to arrive that I planted croci...crocuses...I planted a crocus and then i planted another one and a whole bunch more. They however, only showed up as pretty little leaves this year. Time to replace. But oh MAN, do I count on my tulips for help. Between them and the kittens at the PAWS shelter, I save SO much money on therapy.

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