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Wherein Andi Amuses Herself
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Okay, once is a little amusing. Twice in one day, I start to wonder.

So earlier today I'm looking at this full page ad for this local "25 for $25" where 25 local restaurants offer their special menu for the month for $25 per person. And my eye falls on the bunch of sponsors of the event. And my brain, instead of reading what's actually there - "Pacific Seafood" - reads "Psychic Seafood". Ooookay. Moving RIGHT along....

I just went to get my stuff out of my shopping bag and picked up the new tube of Tom's Spearmint (on sale!) to put in the bathroom. And I take it out of the box, where it is decribed as fluoride "anticavity toothpaste". All fine and good, right? Except what MY brain provided was "antigravity toothpaste".

Scuze me, i gotta go chase down my toothpaste. Come BACK here!

You ever do this? (not chase floating tubes of toothpaste, you know what i mean...)

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