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On Pizza?
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Okay, I know, I could be using this time to write (I have reviews to write, and an article) or tidy up (I have a house to find before the committee meets in April) but it's that kind of week. I've got a manuscript to vet for Poisoned Pen a couple of books that i really have to re-read or at least skim before writing the reviews, several library books (still have two weeks for those) and the TBR pile. Yeah, i finally have one.

I'm reading two books at once right now; well not exctly at once,, y'know; one is the story of Carl Lutz, one of the "Righteous Gentiles" who rescued tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during WW 2; one's a new s.f. book.

So, about pizza. We got a flyer in yesterday's mail for a local pizza joint and it made us nostalgic for Bel Canto in Cambridge. I used to live nearby and MAN was that a good restaurant. With lots of weird options. But good! But I still tend to think pizza oughta kind of conform, mostly to the "something tomato-based on dough" concept (though i'm willing to accept non-tomato based white pizzas. This flyer, which offers 12 "signature designer" (one of these words isn't enough?) pizza (the deluxe has a note, "financing available" - which reminds me - TANGENT alert - of another restaurant in San Francisco that used to offer some sort of Mega-fancy burger that was either delivered by someone famous or involved gold nuggets or something. Darn, i've lost it.) Okay, okay, BUT okay look.

Blueberry bagels aren't bagels. Sorry, but no. I can barely accept "cinnamon raisin" bagels, but we all have our limits.

And pizza shouldn't have thai food themes. It stops being a pizza there. Or ranch sauce.

But I still had fun with some of the ingredients offered by this joint. Grant you, many of them would probably be good on a tomato sauce covered round of dough. Although I still think some go over the limit. Realizing that some of these work with the "Thai peanut" sauce idea, or the "creamy ranch" or even "Texas style taco bean"( I so don't wanna know), I'm enjoying putting together mythical pizzas with such items on them as corn, peanuts, oysters, cream cheese, coconut, raisins, water chestnuts, asparagus, granny smith apples and baby red potatoes.

Did i mention I have an appointment with the orthopedist tomorrow morning and I'm not exactly excited about it? I don't expect to hear anything good; I might not even hear anything helpful, but i had to call last week because I'm more of a mess than usual and it's not going away.

Who said "distraction"? Was that you?

Wonder what ELSE I can waste time on today. Maybe it's time to rearrange my cd's by bar code....

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