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Okay, so I'm heavily into avoidance today; it's either blog and play computer games and cruise the net, or clean house. Yeah, right.
So I emailed Northern Sun, the "progressive" catalogue about a "Santos/McGarry" line of political stuff and their spokesdude said he was concerned about Leo's health and besides, they were already promoting Jon Stewart for 2008. Yeah right, I said, like we'll get a Jew in the WH any time soon. Maybe as VP right???? Yeah, look how well that did for Joe and Al.) And besides, who's gonna be his running mate; you say Rob Corddry and you get to have a Time-Out.

So the I asked nancy with the world's best buttons and she said no, she didn't know about it and have any plans to make any. Nancy, however, does custom buttons and I'll probably go order some from her.

But of course while I was hanging out at Nancy's fabulous button catalogue ( I checked out the new ones and sent a bunch on to my mates in Sad Anorak - our virtual rock band. No you haven't heard us yet; if you're lucky you won't, but Cornelia, Louise, Shaz and I ARE Sad Anorak and we rock. Sort of. And Louise told me I HAD to add thsee to the blog. Since I'm not clear who owns what, and I want Nancy to have credit, I don't know about doing THAT, but I WILL post 'em here. Mind you, many of the buttons that she has originate in s.f. fandom, so they won't all work for everyone. I own a slew of 'em.

Here are some I want to buy, definitely:

"Anything with "Science" in its name isn't one....Political Science, Christian Science, Creation Science, Computer Science "

"Don't blame me--I voted for Bartlet "

"Ooooh, SHINY! "

and here are some more I found today that I just LOVE:

"Eagles soar, but a weasel will never get sucked into a land war in Asia"
I quoted that one to Stu and he said "yeah, well...." and er, um, never mind....

"What sexually transmitted disease can you get from a hand puppet? The clap"

"My hair is this color because I ate paint chips as a child"

"I'm not pompous; I'm pedantic. There's a difference. Let me explain it to you."

"Catch and release--when you just want to make the fish late for something"

Go look. Go buy. Nancy's great - she's a fixture at dealer's rooms at all the best s.f. conventions and there's GOT to be one for you. Computers? Cats? Chocolate? All of the above? There's a button for you, probably several.

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