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West Wing silliness
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So yesterday I asked on the "Vanguard" list (that's a local science fiction conversation list - Vanguard is the traveling local monthly party for s.f. fans. It's been around for decades, still meets monthly. But we also talk about things on line now - from events at the s.f. museum, to tech questions, to silliness) and can probably easily order 10 custom buttons from Nancy, which I'll do once I get a count. I DID cruise last night looking on line for "West Wing Merchandise"; found one tee shirt at cafe press - pretty boring "Vote for Santos" but I'll give it a week or two and we'll see more I'm sure. Some nice "official" WW shirts from NBC but my clear vote goes to "Bartlet 4 America" for everything.
The drinking game for one (one sip for each "What's next?", another every time Donna plays the role of Exposition Girl") and they have their own line of B4A merchandise (thank you Cafe Press) including a "Proud Paranoid Shiksa Feminista" tee shirt which I'm going to have to buy. Alas it leaves out "Berkeley" which is part of the true quote, and I'm hardly a shiksa, but heck...
Oh, Josh to CJ in case it didn't ring bells. When I grow up, I wanna BE CJ Cregg.


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