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So, I'm off to the orthopedist today in a sort of fit-in emergency visit because I can't wait until next week to find out what the frap is going on. This isn't good. I can't walk (not that at the best of times, I'm a vision to behold….lurch, drag, lurch, drag….yeth, mather???) but getting home from PT yesterday where things were as usual and realizing in the next few hours that I couldn't fucking move, well, piss anyway. I'm on crutches; I HATE crutches because everything becomes the biggest damn deal on crutches; I learned this back in '94 when suddenly, bringing your coffee from one room to another becomes a production number, complete with singing, dancing and bright sparkly lights.

I read in a magazine at PT yesterday (Organic Style - I mean REALLY now, there really is a magazine called that) (hey, it's better than that Real Simple, or Simple Living thing which involves living simply while investing in $500 pure linen sheets or whatever) that some study concluded that chronic pain erodes like 11% of your gray matter (the damn mag's at the other end of the house and I can't go get it right now, so I'm being vague, but it was a real study, not a magazine survey). I'm just hoping that that's cumulative, not like annually because I can't afford to lose any more brain function; and I've had chronic pain since what, like, 1973? With a few years off for good behavior. So I dunno if that would be 11% of my brain each year, or 11% of what's left but there HAS to be some scientific law of something or another that applies here, right? I get to keep SOME, right?

In other news….okay, I don't really got any. I'm reading BLUE BLOOD by Edward Conlon and highly recommend it. I'm totally delighted to report that my friend and editor (at January magazine) Linda Richards has received a nomination for the CWC's Arthur Ellis Award for best first mystery novel and that the lovely and talented Laura Lippman will be back in Seattle on tour in June.

At the risk of being maudlin (or mawkish or well, whatever) knowing youse guys is out there helps. It's awfully gratifying to have friends out in the world, and to know they want to read what I write.

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