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The Same Old good news/bad news routine
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Okay, so it's the usual. There's nothing new going on with me. This is good, since if there were, it would either be spinal degeneration, more movement where you don't want your spine moving or what i really feared, another surprise fracture. The bad news is, well duh, we don't know what's causing the problem. Still, reassurance when you're living in MY body, is helpful since you don't know WHAT they're conspiring to do in there. (no, I won't define "they" but they are the lil monsters who came up with the fractures 12 years ago, you know, THEM).
Stay on the fucking crutches (that's one phrase, the two words always together) for a few days, take stronger pain meds (percoset prescription handed over to me, will fill it, take 'em and discuss with primary care doctor next week - I'm a good patient I am I am) and call him in the...oh, next week or two. If it doesn't calm down, well, um, er...there's the possibility of the not-usually-helpful steroid injection. But I'm just going to assume that this will work. Or heads will roll.
Herewith endeth the whine for now.

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