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In case it's of interest.

My most recent fanzine article can be found on for download. It's entitled "IT'S A PROUD AND LONELY THANG, ER, THING" or why being a country music fan is like being a science fiction fan". It includes an eclectic list of "battered women revenge songs" which is really rather fabulous.

My most recent "legit" writing, a write up of LCC 15 for Library Journal is at I've got a review in LJ too but those don't get posted; that one's in the 4/15 issue. Good golly! I'm not a librarian, but I play one in the pages of Library Journal.

Reviews all OVER the place include a collection of stories by the late George Alec Effinger over on January Magazine as well as Neal Asher's Cowl and Anywhere but Here by Jerry Oltion and Le Guin's The Beginning Place. I'm getting into it folks, reviewing sf and fantasy. (hey you want cool? It feels COOL to see your name on the Locus Magazine on-line site. What can I say? I like being "famous". As Stu's wonderful line goes "You're world famous among people who have heard of you." Rah. Go team.

I Love A Mystery has my reviews of Stephen White's Missing Persons and Naomi Hirahara's Gasa-Gasa Girl, among others. And over on Reviewing the Evidence, most recent reviews are for The Headmaster's Wife by Jane Haddam (er I did not especially like it), John Daniel's rather wonderful The Poet's Funeral and Ridley Pearson's newest Cut and Run. (all weblinks not listed here are found up yonder. Up there! At the top of the page, silly!)

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