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Return of the Secaucus 7
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So for steady readers of this blog, I just wanna say that I'm in possession of a referral slip to another doctor which clearly states we need to rule out "dysplasia". So see? I AM a golden retriever. Okay, or a cockadoodle or something.

This morning, going through the Sunday coupons (have you noticed that more check printing companies are printing more obnoxious cutesy-pooh checks than ever? Fewer designs of sort of average adult taste (ah yes, till looknig for checks with BOOKS as a theme, but I tried years ago to find clip art for biz cards with BOOKS and failed too) but "Hello Kitty" and the revolting "Anne Geddes" (sorry but her work strikes me as child abuse) and more cartoons on checks. I know, I'm an old phart, and 25 year olds get to have checks too but Sponge Bob? Elvis is bad enough…(And yes, I know Sponge Bob appeals to adults but I really would prefer less advertising pop culture on my checks. But go figure, every time I pick a design, it gets cancelled for lack of interest).

So ANYWAY, I'm looking at a coupon for a product and it's a reminder of how weird I am because it's for a new tea from Celestial Seasonings and the feature flavor is blueberry. The ONE thing I know I'm seriously, almost deathly allergic to. Or SEEM to be; the last 2 times I encountered blueberries I became so horribly ill, it was seconds away from the ER but decided that would be WORSE than suffering at home. So, I haven't gone near a blueberry, poor little blameless things, in 30 years.

So I decided that somehow I need to look into the connection between aversion/allergic reaction to blueberries and DHAC syndrome. But not right now.

Right now, I'm about to watch a DVD with commentary; watched it sans commentary last night, now it's with footnotes. The DVD is of my favorite movie. It's not the best film ever made, but it's number one on my list and has been for, well, I dunno when I first saw it, but since I first saw it. It's John Sayles' first film, "The Return of the Secaucus 7". I adore it. It makes me giggle. I KNOW these people. I almost WAS these people (part Frances, part Irene), albeit they're a few years older than me. But I SO get them.

Anyway, The movie's 25 years old so it doesn't always hold up, but for me, it's a gem and yeah, I gotta buy the DVD.

"Mr. Dawn'ley?"
"Yet, J.T."
"Mr. Dawn'ley, COACH says you got 'socialistic' tendencies, Mr. Dawn'ley. Is that true?"
"Coach is a running dog imperialist lackey, J.T."

"And have room service send up a tub of goose grease and two bottles of Moxie."

"You all here together? What for?"
"What do they call killing a deer? BAMBICIDE."
"Took all of you to take down one buck? My advice? Plead self-defense."

"We want the formula, we want the formula…"

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