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Sing Praise to the Goddess Caffeina
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Sing praise to the goddess Caffeina. She not only allows mere mortals to aspire to great heights by pretending to have energy, but also legally (at least to pretend to) achieve creativity and stamina.

For years, here at Roscoe's Home for Hapless Hamsters, we have had small statues of two of the finest goddesses, Caffeina and Hernia; the former of course the morning goddess, her sister, goddess of helping you juggle all your work. We have Caffeina's handmaiden, the action figure Barista (comes with cups in two different sizes, large and grande). We honor her daily by making and/or drinking coffee (many Friday we honor her at a small temple in her honor, a café called Monkey Grind a few blocks away and my home away from home (Monkeys! Coffee! How can I not love it here?) We must discover how to make proper obeisance to Caffeina - perhaps small crumbs of biscotti laid at her feet?

Caffeina is the poor woman's Imitrex as well, staving off migraines when she is able, while you wait for the pharmacy to open. And she seldom comes in packages that are so impossible to open that if you didn't HAVE a migraine when you began, you would by the time you were done. (see the newest Imitrex packaging, designed especially for those with arthritis and coordination difficulties. If you can open it without an open blade, we want your testimony).

Caffeina's little sister (Skipper to Caffeina's Barbie) is Chaitea. Chaitea is a lovely goddess, promoting healthful tea but not overdoing it; making sure there's lots of caffeine in her beverages, as well as lovely tasty spices to warm the cockles of your heart. (show of hands please? Anyone know where the cockles are?) But it is to Caffeina I sing praise songs.

Steamed milk, bring me patience
espresso, bring me strength,
powdered cocoa, bring me courage to get through the day
Whipped cream, bring me joy.

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