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Apparently, city council elections are coming up. I know, I know, but I've been distracted. I've not been overly impressed with Seattle's council; supposedly it's progressive and all that but we've ended up with some financial stupids in the last several years which mainly include pandering to Paul Allen and the Very Wealthy and the mayor appears to be a big do-nothing who it seems almost accepted the recommendation to close the mobile services division of the library, and doesn't seem to do much to make Seattle a better place. Right now we have the monorail debacle going on. But I'm not exactly sure the new folks would be an improvement.

But I gotta admit that for chutzpah, the mailing Stu and I got yesterday was a shiny bright example. Apparently, we should vole for this guy because he's Jewish. That wasn't the big message but the letter was signed by one guy who's a rabbi, albeit a progressive type rabbi, his temple is NOT in Seattle, though I don't know where HE lives and votes. The candidate's primarily a real estate guy, which doesn’t impress me, but you have to go to his website bio to get that information. And I'm not inclined to vote for real estate types, even when they do have some experience in the non-profit sector. I note by the way that the bio shows no work experience back east. This would not be of any interest except for the following apparently "meant to be impressive" claim.

"---he drew on his financial experience, including ten years spending one day a month on Wall Street…"

Excuse me, let me read that again. He spent one day a MONTH on Wall Street. For ten years? Doing WHAT? And how does that give you "financial experience"? That's let's see, 1 times 12 times 10. Yep, 120 days on Wall Street. Four months. Before looking at his bio, I had the idea that maybe he worked for one of those plant/gardening upkeep companies that comes in and trims dead leaves and waters the pothos every month. Or floor waxing? What the hell does spending one day a MONTH "on Wall Street" mean? For all we know, he was staffing the corner hot dog cart.

Does anyone else read stuff the way I do or am I overly suspicious/skeptical/too much a child of the Watergate era?

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