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Barb Seranella Update
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Scared Spitless

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Barbara Seranella's undergoing a liver transplant today.
This was just posted on DorothyL and I have permission from Randy Hicks to run it: PLEASE PLEASE have a good thought for Barbara.

"I know many of us are praying for Barbara Seranella every day. Here is an update as of minutes ago. When I saw Barbara on Friday, she was weak but optimistic about getting "strong" enough for a transplant, hopefully to occur within a few weeks, either at USC or Davis. Then, as we all know, she worsened terribly a couple of days later, and had to be sent to the ICU. My understanding is that it was not specifically her failing liver (although that affects every other organ) or her lung problem, but a stomach infection which sent her

She cannot talk in the ICU. She is filled with tubes and can't speak. The doctors decided to put her on dialysis, and give her "guerilla" antibiotics, which evidently are a last ditch effort to stop the infection, or she will not
make it. It takes 72 hours to know if they work evidently.

Here's the biggest news, and I don't quite understand it, but here it is. Barbara's doctors say she is having the liver transplant today, this afternoon. Barbara was under the impression she had to get stronger before they would even try the transplant, and here she is much sicker, barely surviving, and they are doing the transplant. All I can say is it's a miracle and we have to
hope and pray the miracles keep coming. The liver just became available and they are giving it to her. The operation will take ten hours. This is their only

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