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Somewhat encouraged

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I'm getting emails and seeing posts from DorothyL so some of you might see the same info but those who don't should know:

Randy Hicks reported this afternoon " I just heard that Barbara's kidneys have already 'kicked in' which is an excellent sign. They'll keep her under for a couple days as she recovers. Her doctor also says he is "very optimistic" from what he sees.

Ron [that's Barbara's husband] wants everyone to know that he and Barbara's family is tremendously grateful for all the support and prayers, and asks that the prayers and positive energy keep coming."

Barbara's surgery did not take as long as originally stated - like 6 hours instead of 10 and that matters. The longer you're under anethesia and all that jazz, the tougher the recovery. A long road ahead, of course, but she seems to be responding awfully well to this major step.

ADDENDUM: BOY I'M DUMB. I've just posted this to a bunch of folks but not here. IF YOU WANT TO SEND EMAIL GREETINGS to Barb, please send me the email with her name in the header. I will save, print out and SEND all I get when Ron says it's okay/Barbara's up to reading/dealing with such stuff. If you want to snail mail, email me and Ill provide my address. DON'T WORRY IF YOU KNOW HER/READ HER STUFF. Just imagine how nice it would be to get a pile of wishes from caring people out there.

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