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Thanks for the year
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I don’t do resolutions and at Thanksgiving we don’t sit around saying what we’re thankful for. I don’t make too many lists, though the “best book” list has become a tradition for me. But I don’t do lots of looking back. I don’t do “Christmas letters” of course.

Some years ago, I had a “thank you’ speech all set during an event where I was a special guest, but the event decided “no speeches” so I never got to do it. Probably a good thing since the image in my head combined Alanis Morissette, and Mike McGear from “The Scaffold” (holy shit now THERE’s trivia for you) (“Thank you very much for playing this record, thank you very much thank you very very very much”)

But, it’s been…well, it’s been a year, ain’t it? And with a week and a half left, I thought I might start a little list to note what I’ve been grateful for this past year because there’s a lot.

I’m grateful for penguins that marched. I’m grateful that George Clooney has a conscience and an awareness of his clout and chose to use it to create GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK and I’m OH so grateful he knew to cast David Straithairn rather than himself as Edward R. Murrow.

I’m grateful to Apple for creating the iPod.

And for my friend and masseuse Jean who has come over to the house every month for so many years now, and without whom, I can’t guess how miserable I’d be.

And I’m grateful that the Torino Winter Olympics are only a few weeks away and that Sasha appears healthy enough.

I’m glad to live in a town that sells turkey soda, and DaVinci action figures and “apathy” and “despair” wristbands. (oh oh oh check it out!!!! The Marie Antoinette Acction Figure is now available. With the amazing “ejector head”!!!!!! And removable dress!!)

I’m grateful beyond belief for generous friends who helped me dig out this year from some nasty situations. And who won’t let me thank them.

I’m OH so grateful to Sad Anoraks for making me laugh, understanding me FAR more than I have a right to expect and sharing the shit, and the good stuff. I’m SO lucky to have Shaz, Louise and my separated at birth twin Cornelia on call whenever, for whatever. You keep me so much saner than you know.

I’m grateful that before they went, I got a chance to experience the talents of John Spencer, Vassar Clements, Ossie Davis, Arthur Miller, Anne Bancroft. I’m glad I live in a world where Rosa Parks had the flat out courage to do what she did and that Constance Baker Motley was a judge. That Shrley Chisholm had the courage to run. The sf world lost Robert Sheckley and Kelly Freas and Jack Chalker and yes, Jimmy Doohan, who enriched that world and I’m glad they were around as long as they were.

I’m ever so grateful to the publicists who are willing to send me books to review. Which leads me to of course say how very much I appreciate Sally and Barbara and Shaz and Stacy and Carol and Tom and Linda who are interested in what I have to say and who are willing to post my reviews.

I’m grateful for friends who have blogs where I can talk to them from afar, read what they think, learn about stuff and get my day started. With special appreciation to the wonderful Shira, Laura and Harley, three people I’m so very happy to have in my life..

To Barb and Vicki and Dr. Mary S who take such awfully good care of me, treat me like an adult and don’t fuss over a patient who takes 5-6 Vicodin a day, my ongoing thanks. I’m grateful even to the loathsome drug companies who create drugs to make profits – I don’t care what their pr departments say – but they make stuff that WORKS, from any and all of the migraine medications out there to the pain killers, without which I simply would not be here.

I’m grateful to everyone who’s read and posted here this year, for reading what I have to say and joining in when they wanted to.

I’m stupidly grateful to whoever is designing fleece clothing nowadays as I have this amazingly fluffy bathrobe that doesn’t WEIGH anything and keeps me warm. Sorry that it IS Barbie pink, but that was the only color in the right size. I’ll be taking it off some time in the spring folks.

I’m grateful to several folks on the Left Coast committee who convinced me not to quit and pitched in a LOT when it looked as if I was going to have to dump the convention. Especially to Helen and Kate, but also to Bryan and Sandra, who said the right things at the right time and didn’t even realize it, I bet.

I’m grateful that I had Sue Feder and Anna Vargo as friends. I’m glad I knew Barbara Burnett Smith. I’m glad medical science is advanced enough and that Barbara Seranella was strong enough that she made it and is still with us.

I’m grateful for friends willing to take me places, and schlep and allow us to piggyback on their museum memberships so we get to see things like the Noguchi exhibit at SAM this year.

I’m grateful for Nick Park’s goofy sense of wonder and humor and for Wallace and Gromit and ALLLL the bunnies.

I’m grateful I live close to Top Ten Toys, where the employees really seem to like working in a good toy store which has NO Barbies but carries lots of fuzzy animals including FABulous gorillas. Some of which follow you home.

I’m so grateful for Jeff Mallett and Frazz, which makes me smile almost every day – and there are so many days when that’s not likely to happen otherwise.

I’m grateful for women’s basketball and for the WNBA even if none of my favorite teams made it to the finals this year, and for the courage of Sheryl Swoopes, MVP who came out this year. I’m grateful as well for George Takei, the best of them all from Star Trek, the gentleman and smart man, the caring and aware human being who also came out this year.

And every damn day (careful, it’s heavy mush time) I’m so damn grateful that Stu and I found each other.

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