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X-Mas Redux (or reflux, take your pick)

Well, there we are in all our glory..haha...

my son looks like a mess and in many ways he is but i have much hope for him.

This year, i swore i wasn't going to kill myself (and stress myself out) running all over looking for presents, skimping and scraping money for monetary capitalistic crap. and i didn't. i got just a few little things for everyone.

hopefully, z-man will be off to college next year (ya'll keep your fingers crossed that i can find the loan/funding) and i figured this would be our last one together. probably not, but the last major one before z-man gets a life of his own and maybe even the last christmas we'll have sergei.

i got what i wanted, which was for my family to be together. while i had planned on spending family time together on christmas eve, z-man wasn't feeling well and hit the bed early. but on christmas evening, after dinner we all sat down and played the game of LIFE (how appropriate)

it was a good time. i kept dinner simple (no one thinks about how it's the mom that does all this crap) and then we just enjoyed our time together (tho i get a little competitive with

on the 13 of january, we take z for his admission interview with the school he wants to attend. it's not a "regular" college, as he's too artistic and lazy to have to jump through all the pre-requisiste hoops, such as english and science classes, but it's more along the lines of a technology technical school. he wants to do audio engineering. no matter how much it costs, i will try convincing him to take all, if not most, of the different courses they offer (meaning, i'll convince him to delve into computer animation and graphic design as well as the audio portion)

i think he will fare much better than the girl, who too often thinks with her heart and not her head.

i enjoyed this christmas, and i will surely miss my z-man. not a day goes by he doesn't make me rotflmao.

hope all of ya'll had a great holiday too! (jesus, is my "southern" showing or what?)

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