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okie dokie

well, i have updated my links, at least the ones i have. i might very well move some of them to the side (like miss netta's place) don't know yet.

netter, thanks for the compliment on the art...i'm dabbling again since my written muse(s) died some time back. the voices in my head just disappeared, at least the storytelling voices did, i can't say it's all quiet, but the other voices aren't any help with anything.

in other news, my kid finally did make it to/through graduation. now he just needs to get a job so that he can save up the nearly $1000 fee to get the ball rolling towards his school. as if stacy and i's lives aren't eerily parallel enough, both our kids (who have never met) want to go to the same college and do the exact same thing. life is weird.

ok, mini-rant...

where were these freakin' people four years ago? i mean really...why didn't the media speak out then like they do now?

and all the fuckers who backed this war from the beginning(including congress, who should have known better but were too afraid of losing their political asses in the next election) and all those who still think it's a good idea, just need to have their warmongering happy asses slapped on the next damn plane to baghdad. don't give them any weapons, just let them live for thirty days the life of an average iraqi. they'd be crying for their mommas before they walked a block. and the first person i'd stick on that plane, in the very first seat is Elisabeth Hassleback, stupid bitch. she's so hip on fighting them "over there," well, elisabeth, get on with it then. put your own fucking ass where your mouth is!

look at the total up top...there's our universal healthcare, folks.

told you it was a mini-one.

ok, that's enough for now...outtie!

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