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i got the best...

compliment a southern girl could get...who would have thought i could ever get "i don't recognize your accent"...are you from ohio?" i've worked hard over the last...oh 20 years to lose my hicky arkansas accent. i mean really hard. and i pick accents up like loose change on the roadside. if you put me in a room full of arkansas people, i will be the hickiest one of them all.

when i was a youngster, i went to visit my sister in maryland. she had left the south way back when...when she was about 19 years old. i remember when i came back, my other sister's husband saying, "you sound like a northerner" because between my sister's "maryland" accent and her husband's "hungarian/northern" accent....i didn't sound like "the south"

so it's always a pleasure for me, to not sound like i come from where i come from. i worked hard not to sound like that. i worked very hard. i've always been extremely conscious not to sound like that. (tho stacy, a girl from th e south, hears the southern in

however i have to say, that i love a good charlotte accent...everything is all soft and round.... scaaaaaarlet from chaaaarlotte....lordy, if i could have the sweet charlotte accent, i'd be a happy happy girl...instead, i'm left with the hard ass accent of "under-educated"

by the can a kereoki not have the EAGLES? don't know, but they didn't not even ONE can you not have the EAGLEs? how?...two monsters and i'm going back to bed!

thanks to all who have read!


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