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ok, just had to switch it out...the sunset over the st. john's river, from the opposite side than i live on. if you look real close in the righthand corner, you'll see a blot on the horizon that is the water tower directly across the street from me. you might make out the cranes to the left of the tower. in front of those cranes (on land) is the most wonderful of christmas displays. so large, you drive through in your car, but you can see them just fine from the road. if i had a better camera (which, i don't) i would snap some shots, but i've never had much luck with night-time photos or lighting displays. i can't keep my flash from going off, and if by chance i do manage it, they're just too dark. i need a new camera (tho i'd rather have a nice digital camcorder)

anyhow, so today i opened up a decent bottle of cabernet sauvignon. love the stuff, tho it doesn't always love me. and i remember most why i don't drink wine all that often, it makes me incredibly relaxed (which is ok) and unfortunately, very sleepy.

i managed to get quite a bit done on my art project, the painting, the layout, what exactly i'm going to do...but i've still lots to do. i've been struggling with the acrylic paints. it's been too long since i've used them and i have become more accustomed to using gauache of late (an opaque type water color.) i have found a happy medium tho, well, almost, i've been combining the two, tho i'm almost out of my white...darnit. and i need some fabric bonding and another board. and dammit, i forgot to get my ribbons for my one of next projects.

lol...i lose all control in hobby lobby. everything looks soooo cool, i just can't think straight...haha...

anyhow, now that i'm all nice and relaxed, a little tv tonight will be really nice (and the usa network is showing the "new" season finale of law and order criminal intent---the chris noth one---at 10...i miss my law and order *sigh*)

enjoy the photo and your night!


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