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Mark Terry is a full-time freelance writer, editor and novelist. This blog is a day-to-day account of the writing life, focusing on thoughts on developing plots, the psychology of writing, the minutiae of a freelancer's schedule and the ups and downs and ins and outs and... oh for God sakes, just click on something and find out for yourself!

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August 2006
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01: Money & The Writer (10 comments)
01: Amazon's getting clever... (4 comments)
02: Beating Up Honor Students (9 comments)
03: just showing up (7 comments)
04: The Compass of Captain Jack Sparrow (5 comments)
06: Aaaahhhhh, vacation... (1 comments)
07: Kayaking 101--oops (3 comments)
09: Nobody Knows Anything (5 comments)
11: As I was saying... (5 comments)
12: Book Sections in Newspapers (3 comments)
13: Book Review: Kill All The Lawyers by Paul Levine (2 comments)
14: General Motors, Timothy McVey and... (1 comments)
15: A little terrorism context (4 comments)
16: NEW BLOG SITE (0 comments)

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