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After a touch more tweaking, my RESOLUTE STAND treatment is ready for my Toughest Critic's pass. It's coherent, logical, right for my target audience, plausible and meaty enough for a movie of the week.

After my TC's pass, it's off to my agent. With any luck, she won't say make it shorter. I don't think I can, and still have the story make sense.

This story I've had to carefully select my readers because it really needs the fresh eye perspective every read. Once a reader has read it, they are extremely likely to miss important changes in tone or plot.

After a long drought, I feel very, very good about having a completed draft. I started several different things in the past (very busy) months, but for one reason or another the projects languished. Now, I have RESOLUTE STAND finished, and the plot for a second treatment, LETTERS FROM THE HEART. I am writing on something daily, and it's now a part of my routine instead of something I'm trying to fit into my routine.

I see slow uptick in momentum in other writers' blogs and forums all over. For a long while, it felt like a giant miasma of blockage had overtaken a major portion of the writing community, and that fog is slowly blowing away in a gentle breeze of hope or optimism.

Here's to optimism, here's to completion, here's to getting an assignment!

PS: If you want to read it, just let me know. If I can, I'll send it. No pressure, no notes required (though always appreciated).

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