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Do not pass Go, do not -- hang on a sec...
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I called Jo-Ann to confirm that she'd received RESOLUTE STAND, the treatment I finally finished last week. Pen in hand, paper to the ready, I mentally prepared myself to have tweak notes, and to ask about one point in the treatment that might need clarification.

She's already shipped it over to her contact.

Drop pen. Restart brain. Not prepared for this. Out of the park the first time? This is not the writer's lot in life.

I had to clarify. No notes?

No notes. She thought it was fine as a treatment and story concept. Though it's a period piece, it's a small period piece, and not a lavish big-budget affair, so she thinks it's quite doable for Hallmark Channel to produce.

So. Put pen away. Put paper away. Make brain think of other questions for Jo-Ann while I have her on the phone. Hang up.

Okay, then! It's up to the whims of luck. Basically, will my story gel with their exec? At this moment, it's all a matter of taste.

Do I feel lucky, punk?

Well? Do I?

I feel like writing.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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