Ken's Skagafjordur Archaeological Settlement Survey Journal

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Today turned out all warm and sunny, like a week ago. For most of the day I enjoyed watching the clouds pile up above a ridge to the west of the site. They grew to towering formations again and again, but never made it past the ridge.

Some of my photos show people using the GPR unit. Yesterday I did it a little, today a lot more. It's much harder than it looks: you have to walk it at a steady pace, on uneven ground, on a given line, pushing down on its pull-pole while pulling, and also bending down to keep it from slipping when it hits uneven terrain. Pretty tiring over many hours.

Last night we had a great sunset.

Panorama of Saudarkrokur, the town where we're staying.

Some of the roiling clouds to the west.

Part of the colorful strata we've been excavating (seen from the side). This part includes a lot of turf, which in turn has bits of volcanic tefra, as well as dung and floor levels.

Some of last night's sunset.

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