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Dust in the Wind
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Yesterday turned out to be an excellent day for working on a tan - hot, bright, and very sunny. The morning's task for me was walking back and forth and forth and back with the GPR unit, which was tiring. Adding that to an hour or two of picking up and carrying large sections of heavy sod, and then following it with a couple hours of shoveling dirt resulted in a very tired me. (We opened a new trench.)

Today's weather - ever so much a part of working in the field - seemed strange. From the get-go it was chilly with breeze from the north, which strengthened through the day such that by late afternoon it was sometimes hard to hear people talking to you. Low clouds scudded along both sides of the valley, seeming to break around us, leaving us in bright sunshine.

I like the wind in general, as well as today's gusts, but they sure to get annoying when people are moving a lot of dirt around, and when you're trying to hold measuring tapes or surveying instruments steady, or write in notebooks or draw maps on large sheets of paper. We had a couple of large buckets blowing away as well.

However, we have a really good crew who was getting pretty punchy toward the end of the day, with lots of funny remarks and terrible accents and what-all. Plus, it could have been raining.

Some of the lower clouds scudding along the valley side to the west.

A local horse who often comes by to check us out.

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