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Yesterday was as nice as could be dreamed: pleasantly warm with a gentle southerly breeze and a blue sky stacked with puffy clouds.

The bosses assigned me to work with the GPR team all day at Glaumbaer (Snorri's longhouse site), where we ran a couple machines over a 30x30 meter grid. Despite working in such a small area, I walked over five miles – most of it backwards – pulling the machine down one line and up another.

During an hour of downtime I shot numerous panoramas of the interior rooms of the folk museum / turf houses at Glaumbaer. I'll be working on them for most of the week.

Rather tired at the end of the day because of walking in my steel-toe workboots, which were not designed for such things.

Back on the GPR team today, but with a smaller area to walk, and this time in Crocs, which are far more comfortable. Our team leader treated us in the nearby cafe in the late afternoon. I had a cold crepe stuffed with cream and rhubarb and a hot chocolate: good for an overcast chilly day with moderate breeze the whole time.

The sky at Glaumbaur yesterday.

The Glaumbaer folk museum / turf houses.

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