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Yesterday I was up at Holar helping with the GPR to look under the ground between two large excavation areas that the Icelanders have been working on. We're doing this as a favor to them and they'll use our results for their future field schools there. They expect to be working on the site for the next 20 years.

Today it was back to digging at Medalheimur. We had strong winds from the north all day, colder and then warming at the very end of the day. At the moment it's lightly raining outside, which is good for the site, but not so great for working if it continues. Today we removed all of the stone and turf walls. I found a horse jaw bone within one of the turf walls. Very strange.

Not sure what the plans are for this upcoming final week at the site.

On Friday about half of us will be going white-water rafting in a glacier-fed river. Apparently they rafting company provides drysuits, which sound necessary.

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