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I was noodling around the net and found some pictures I wanted to share.

This was taken about 15 years ago, I think -- before I met my husband. He's the one in the red and white striped shirt.

Isn't he aDORable?
(For those who are interested, Greg is the one in glasses.)

This is me in Russia, apparently after a nuclear disaster, if the sky is any indication:

This is Shawn in the apartment he was living in when we met, doing the dishes with a little baby Tia kitty on his shoulder:

This is me and my hubby at a friend's Renaissance wedding several years ago:

(If it doesn't want to load, try here.)

I'd wanted to include a picture or two from our wedding, but the only ones currently online are in a Yahoo! group which doesn't seem to want to link images, and I'm not at my home computer to load them elsewhere. Maybe some other time.

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