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Ignoring the war
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My name is Rachel Heslin, and I don't watch CNN.

We were hanging out with friends yesterday, and the conversation turned to the war: what bombs had gone off, whether or not certain soldiers should have been quoted in the press, probable tactics, etc.

I had a brief moment where I wondered whether or not I should feel guilty for not being interested, then decided it came down to two basic questions:

Q: Can I do anything about it?
A: Nope.

Q: Can I learn anything from it?
A: Not yet. Maybe when it's over and we find out more about what happened and what the effects were, but there's too much chaos and too many loose ends to understand anything while it's going on.

Maybe I'll start keeping track of things more if they actually do ship Shawn's nephew to Kuwait this week, as scheduled. Other than that, I would rather dedicate my energies towards things I can impact, like the disastrous state of the sewing/craft/spare bedroom.

Let me know when it's over.

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