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A quiet passion
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I've been thinking about a discussion Aaron and I had in my comments a few days back. He fervently believes that, if you want to reach the top of the mountain, you need to have a single focus: an all-encompassing passion for that goal.

Me, I said that there was too much in Life that I was unwilling to sacrifice for a single goal and that maybe I'd never find That Passion. Maybe I just didn't have one.

And yet, I believe that this self-professed lack of passion isn't true.

My Passion is connection: to others, to the world around and within us, to Life.

I want to feel.
I want to understand.
I want people to feel like their lives have been made better, not worse, for my having touched them.

Because my passion is a process, not a concrete goal, it's difficult to quantify. Outside of winning an imaginary title of Miss Congeniality, it's not something which can be easily measured in stages -- how will I know when I've succeeded when each day brings new growth and revelation that makes all previous benchmarks irrelevant?

So I try to learn a little each day, keep moving forward (sideway, up and around) and see where it takes me.

What a wonderful journey.

No new keys; I've been tuning my heart.

Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all the others were making ships.
- Charles Simic

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