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So I'm recovering from something or other that's been messing me up for the past couple of days, and I'm still feeling a little disoriented, so I decided to post a series of non-sequitors.

Adorable link from Heather: Random Kittens!

Quote from Mel: "Currently, Iím frying Elpots."

Favorite Googles linking to my journal:
"How to pronounce China Mieville"
"Zen and piano playing"

JPL is holding their open house on May 17 & 18, if anyone's interested and in Pasadena at the time. Did you know that Mr. Rogers got an asteroid named after him? (Thanks to ScottJ for the link.)

I spent the afternoon helping distribute free car seats to parents of small children. We helped 50 families, many with multiple kids. Feels good.

Keys tuned: No new ones, but I have decided I'm going to go back to the bass ones. See, I was going to make myself do the treble ones first because they're harder to do and save the easy ones for last, but I'm so dangone frustrated at not being able to play that I'm cranky and just want to get as many done as soon as possible. I actually had a dream the other night that someone else was playing my piano and it sounded fine, but when I went to play, it was awful. :(

I know the answer! The answer lies within the heart of all mankind! The answer is twelve. I think I'm in the wrong building.
-- Charlie Brown/Charles M. Schulz

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