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Expressive eyebrows
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I love Gregory Peck.

About ten years ago, I dragged a couple of friends to see a screening of the recently restored "Guns of Navarone." The movie was followed by a panel discussion that included the director, Peck, and others involved with the film (including James Darren, who went on to play the holographic Vic Fontaine on DS9, for those who care.)

Anyway, after the panel, I went full-on fan-girl for only the second or third time in my life. I went up to Mr. Peck and told him that I simply adored a man with expressive eyebrows. He didn't quite catch what I'd said the first time, so he raised one of those glorious eyebrows at me quizzically. I didn't care that he was old enough to be my grandfather -- I was putty.

Eventually, Andy and Steve dragged me away. Sitting around the table at Denny's, I was literally bouncing up and down in my seat at having met him and shaken his hand. Andy said, "Well, now we know how to make Rachel bounce: introduce her to a celebrity."

I responded, very vehemently, "It has nothing to do with mere celebrity -- that was Gregory Peck." And then I bounced up and down some more.

I'll admit, there was a small part of me that hoped I'd get to meet him again, but it wasn't meant to be. Ah, well. At least I carry the memory (which still makes me smile.)


God touched him, and he slept.
-- Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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